Automated Malware Analysis

Our team of lunatics

Cuckoo Sandbox is ran by an elite squad of selected hackers spending their nights drinking caffeine derivatives and committing code. Don't be fooled though, some even spend their entire week working on Cuckoo!
(Click on the speech bubble to learn more about these Cuckoo representatives.)

  • Claudio Guarnieri

    Claudio Guarnieri


    Founder & Core Developer

    Claudio is our Willy Wonka, the undisputed dictator of the project. He writes code that doesn't work and he expects others to fix it. He likes long walks on the beach, reading a good book and messing with cybercrooks and cyberspooks. For an extreme abundance of bragging, you can check his bio here.

  • Alessandro Tanasi

    Alessandro Tanasi


    Core Developer

    Alessandro is our grumpy old master craftsman. He sleeps with a paper roll printout of our issue tracker and he's determined to keep our code decent. He created HostMap, contributes to sqlmap and runs SecDocs. He firmly believes that his death will be caused by an overdose of exception handling.

  • Jurriaan Bremer

    Jurriaan Bremer


    Lead Developer

    Jurriaan is the latest addition to the team of Cuckoo Core Developers. While he focuses on improving Windows analyses and the Cuckoo Core he also runs the entire show - retaining a team of dedicated developers to further customize and develop Cuckoo.

  • Mark Schloesser

    Mark Schloesser


    Core Developer

    Mark is our German coding machine. He sees the Matrix, he thinks it sucks and he's probably gonna re-implement it in Python or Go. On his way to rewrite the world, he still fights for German hackers' supremacy with his team 0ldEur0pe. Also a core member of Honeynet. His motto is "less talk, more code".

  • Koen Houtman

    Koen Houtman


    Creative Director

    Koen's mission is to make your grandmother understand Cuckoo from the inside-out and boss around about what is aesthetically correct. His very complicated relationship with HTML, CSS and Javascript is making Cuckoo a better place for everybody to use! Can be summoned automagically if you say the word "UX" three times in the mirror around 4:20AM, if he's not DJ'ing on stage during weekends.

  • Ricardo van Zutphen

    Ricardo van Zutphen


    Backend Developer

    Ricardo works on a variety of different aspects for Cuckoo while making sure he does not break everything. He enjoys imagining and creating new features for anything he is working on. When he is not punching keys on his keyboard, you can likely find him preparing all kinds of foods in the kitchen or in the gym trying to lift some weights.

  • Ben de Graaff

    Ben de Graaff


    Senior Backend Engineer


Since our initial release, Cuckoo is globally supported by a strong and active community of programmers, malware researchers and IT security specialists.

  • 121 contributors
  • 7,124 commits
  • 21 releases

A brief history of Cuckoo

  • 2010

  • Started Cuckoo during Google's Summer of Code, as part of The Honeynet Project by Cuckoo founder & core developer Claudio Guarnieri.

  • 2011

  • Released and publicly announced the first beta version of Cuckoo Sandbox on February 5th, 2011.

  • Alessandro Tanasi joined the project.

  • First stable 0.2 release and version 0.3 released.

  • 2012

  • Opened, a publicly available Cuckoo Sandbox instance.

  • Cuckoo wins the first round of the Magnificent7 program organized by Rapid7.

  • Jurriaan Bremer joined the team, focusing on refactoring the Windows analysis component improving the analysis' quality.

  • Released Cuckoo Sandbox 0.4 and 0.5 "To the end of the world".

  • 2013

  • Released Cuckoo Sandbox 0.6 and new version of

  • Presented "Mo' malware mo' problems - Cuckoo to the rescue!" at Black Hat Las Vegas.

  • 2014

  • Released Cuckoo Sandbox 1.0 and Cuckoo Sandbox 1.1.

  • Founded the Cuckoo Foundation as a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of Cuckoo Sandbox and directly related projects.

  • Released Cuckoo Sandbox 1.1.1 after a critical vulnerability was reported by Robert Michel.

  • 2015

  • Released Cuckoo Sandbox 1.2 featuring a wide array of improvements regarding the usability of Cuckoo.

  • Started development of macOS Malware analysis as a Google Code of Summer project within The Honeynet Project. Thanks to Dmitry Rodionov for delivering a fully functional macOS Analyzer.

  • 2016

  • Cuckoo Sandbox 2.0 RC1 has been released, featuring two years worth of improvements making Cuckoo easier and more accurate to use.

  • The last "legacy" version of Cuckoo Sandbox, 2.0 RC2, has been released.

  • 2017

  • The first Cuckoo Package release, 2.0.0, was released. This new version is a first in a series of releases that aim to further simplify Cuckoo's usage, maintenance, ability to update, stability, and much more.

  • Launch of our new website & release of Cuckoo 2.0.4, featuring many improvements regarding Malware Configuration Extraction.